Create Your Own Decision Trees

  • Answer Path allows you to create fully automated decision trees, ensuring your users can easily find the right information.
  • Easy on-screen prompts effortlessly direct users to the answer they are searching for.

Reduce Error Rates

  • Mistakes cost money. But having users follow Answer Path’s interactive decision trees will significantly reduce the number of errors made.
  • Your team will be confident in knowing that they will access the correct answer every time.

Faster Agent Training

  • Answer Path speeds up training by guiding interactions step-by-step. As a result, permanent and temporary staff will experience greater productivity.

Help Customers to Help Themselves

  • Wizards created in Answer Path are exported in HTML format, so you can put them on any web page.
  • From simple problems to more complex questions, the wizards are fully customisable using CSS so they’ll integrate perfectly with your website.

Capture Customer Data

  • With Answer Path decision trees, customer data can be captured from text entries, drop-down lists, check boxes and radio buttons.
  • Customer data can be sent to your business systems for processing and analysis.


  • With Answer Path’s simple drag and drop interface, creating your own help desk software decision trees is easy. You’ll quickly be up and running producing invaluable tools for your business.

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